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Paddleboarding the Ultimate Chill Sport

Paddleboarding the Ultimate Chill Sport

Summer is here, it's time to pump up those boards and hit the water. With options everywhere, we break down a few of the important details you should know. Of course nothing beats coming in to the shop and letting us help you find that perfect board for your needs and budget. But we will try to cover a bunch in this blog.


The Boarding House has been supporting the boarding scene here in Medicine Hat since day one. We have watched the sport grow and evolve over the years; from the days of old school, to the newest of styles.


We strive to do all that we can for the community and our local riders.

Use #MyBoardingHouse on social media to grab our attention.

We love to see fellow riders showing off their gear, tricks learned/failed,
or just enjoying time with friends. We all share this passion!


- From the staff of the shop that rides! -



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