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Boarder Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Boarder Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Buying gifts for the Rider in your family can be intimidating, especially if you don't ride the same gear. What's a good choice, what styles are popular, will they actually use the gift? Good news: we are here to help! This is our passion too!

Every staff member here rides and lives the lifestyle... the obsession. This blog will be a quick summary of some holiday gift ideas built from popular products and our staff recommendations. We can talk about this stuff forever so to save your time we will try to keep it simple and to the point. Use it as a kick-starter for finding that perfect gift.


Let's start off with that WOW factor, the one we all dream about.

Photo Products: SYNERGYLIB TECH  |  BURTON PICTURE K2 Reckoner

The holidays are often cold and we forget about those summer dreams, however a new ride for the warmer days can make an amazing gift. Take our Synergy Paddleboards for example: inflatable for easy transport, 3 fin stability, and quality built.

Keeping in the winter season a snowboard always crushes it. Be it the new Mens Dream boards from Lib Tech or the Burton all mountain Yeasayer for women. These sick rides will dominate any terrain you throw at them. If you are looking for a snowboard know your riders Height and aprox weight to help choose the perfect size. Sneak in a few questions about if they prefer the park, slopes or backcountry and we will be able to guide you toward that perfect fit.

But they don't snowboard, they ski... We got you covered! With a wide option of ski's we can help you find the perfect fit for the skier on your list. Be it mainly riding the groomed slopes or hoping into the fresh poweder on some new K2 Reckoners. Just grab their height and weight and we can help you choose that perfect gift.

Don't need a new ride, how about some fresh gear! Ton's of outdoor selection. We have something for every style and need. For example: check out the Picture Organic brand for an Eco-focused company making some amazingly warm winter gear.


Now for those gifts that we commonly hear asked for:

Photo Products: Enjoi Skate  |  Arbor Longboard  |  Tubbs Xplor  |  Sandbox Helmet  |  ANON M4

One of our more popular gifts for kids and teens is always a new skateboard or longboard. With our large collection of boards; finding that perfect ride is a walk... cruse, in the park. Check out the popular Enjoi brand for skates or some of the clean graphic low-ride Arbor longboards.

Got an outdoor enthusiast on your list? We carry all the tools to get outside. Check out our Tubbs Xplor Kits that will give you what you need to do some snowshoeing this winter. Going deeper into the woods? We also sell trackers, splitboards and skined skis as well.

Protect the most important part of the body in style! Nothing ruins a sport faster than bouncing your dome off the ice. Hook up your rider this year, be it snow/skate/wake with a Sandbox Helmet. Stylish and functional.

Speaking of Stylish, a quality pair of goggles will be the gift that keeps giving year after year. Check out the Anon M4 goggles that come with different Lens options and a facemask that connects to the nose by magnet, keeping everything in place even in the wildest conditions.


Perfect gifts for anyone on your list:

Photo Products: BH HOODIES  |  Volcom Jacket  |  Kids Burton  |  SPY Glasses  |  TNF Day Pack

Clothing is always a winner... well maybe not that super itchy sweater we all got but never wear. However we have all the freshest styles to hook up your rider. From new kicks (shoes) all the way to toques, literally got you covered head to toe. 

For the Men on your list, check out all the amazing hoodies and joggers. 686 has dropped some technical hoodies that rival a jackets warmth, while the new Volcom stone styles are flying off the shelves. Or support local and check out our gear. Built off the RDS brand base, our stuff is stylish and quality. 

For all the Women who shred as hard as they look. Our lady's fashion is stylish and functional. Check all the new relaxed jackets this year to help pull that look together.

Don't forget the little rippers on the list. For kids gear we have everything for every size. Newborn skater-to-be and older. Full sets and all the most popular brands. This is the clothing they will actually wear.

Clothing aside, you have to see our sunglasses collection! Spy, Oakley, Smith, Ray Ban, Electric, Vonzipper and more. We have the perfect fit for any style. Check out the new "Happy Lens" from SPY Optics, arguably one of the best lens on the market.

Stuff, we got stuff and stuff to stuff you stuff into. Kidding aside, backpacks make a great gift. Be it for school or backcountry camping... we got your back. Check out The North Face day pack that has everything you need and nothing you don't.


Hope that helps with some gift ideas for that rider on your list. Looking for more ideas? Check out the GIFT GUIDE of our site for more staff favourites. You can also reach out to us, we are all here to help.

Thank you and happy holidays from all of us at The Boarding House!




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