Board sizing is one of the toughest decisions after selecting the right board for you. Choosing the right size board is based on a combination of a rider’s height, weight and boot size, but mostly about weight and boot size.

Many riders think they will want the height of their board to be from the chin to the bridge of the nose. Alone, this is a very simplistic way to estimate board size – your board doesn’t know how tall you are, but it can tell how much you weigh, as the saying goes. If you plan on riding more freestyle (spinning, jibbing, hitting freestyle features) you may want a slightly shorter board, and if you plan on riding more freeride (big mountains, high-speed, charging turns) you may want a slightly longer board. 

The weight range, found on all boards and in the “size chart” of each model is a recommendation and fairly open, but is the best way to decide which size to ride if you don’t have any idea what kind of riding you want to do (or you do it all). Riders will fall either on the heavier side or on the lighter side of the recommended range. If you are on the heavier side, know that the board will feel softer, and if you are on the lighter side, know that the board will feel stiffer. If you’re right in the middle, it will flex just as our engineers designed it.

The other important piece of the puzzle is your boot size and how that impacts the need for a wide board.

If you are outside of the weight range don’t worry, just know the feel of the board might be a little different than advertised.

Getting the right length board will only help to add to the fun you will have while riding, but again, these are guidelines, not firm rules.

For those riders that want to check the board out in person before buying, here are some tips for hand-flexing boards: Place hand/forearm across the contact points on nose or tail, apply pressure in the middle, and at binding area. You can angle the board slightly. DO NOT hold the tip of the board and then bend it in the middle. This is not a good judge of the flex since most of what is flexing is the tip.

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