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The Whitecap is Cascadia’s inflatable paddle board; it’s rugged drop stitch construction helps you get to the places less traveled. Whether you take a boat, plane, or hike to your destination, this board will give you experiences you’ll never forget. It collapses into a 12KG backpack, that you can tie down to the front of the board once inflated and comes with a lightweight hand pump to fill the board up wherever you travel. We shaped and built this board so the rider doesn’t have to compromise when riding an inflatable, you’ll hardly notice a difference!

1) Unpack the Whitecap SUP board on a flat smooth surface.
2) Locate the pump and hose, and attach the hose to the pump by screwing the two parts together.
3) Locate the valve on the top of the SUP near the tail and unscrew cap cover.
4) Insert the end of the hose into the valve, pushing down and rotating one half (1/2) turn until sealed.
5) Pump until the pump gauge reads between 12-15 PSI and the board reaches the desired firmness.
6) Take the pump hose out of the valve by quickly turning it by a half turn and then replace the valve.
7) Flip the board over and install the rear fin.
8) Remember to take your life jacket and a buddy with you, and go out and enjoy your new adventure!

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